Common Techniques Used by SEO Companies

“Hat” is the term which refers to the techniques or strategies used by SEO agencies in their campaign work and whether or not their usages are permitted. There are three different types of these “hats”- white, black and gray. The color of the “hat” which a specific SEO company wears is a sign of the ideologies of the company, the way they work and whether their methods of practice are clean or not. This is a very important factor that a business or a brand must consider while opting for SEO service agencies.

Explaining the difference between white hat and black hat SEO firms

The main focal point of a white hat SEO agency is the content of the website. They are well aware of the significant part the content of a website has in leading an effective online marketing campaign. The white hat SEO services try to lure in web users, not search engines. The white hat firms understand that SEO projects take time to show evident results and do not try to hasten the process by compromising on the ethics of their practice. Websites that have been aided by white hat SEO firms have content of the highest quality. Hence, they have no trouble obtaining inbound links. Any risk of being caught and penalized for using illegal tactics is eliminated.

Black hat SEO service providers do not function within the dictated body of rules that govern the SEO industry. They have no problem in playing the black sheep of the SEO family. The black hat companies use all sorts of unethical procedures to finish the project quickly and to get immediate results to show their clients. These companies lean on automation and leverage techniques for support to lead to many sites that have do not have good content and make use of inbound links from other sites, also known as link spam. There is always the risk of being caught red handed by the search engine and being removed or blocked by it.

Where do gray hat SEO companies factor into the scenario?

Most SEO companies are classified as gray hat SEO agencies. There is no fixed definition to mark this type of SEO Company. It is a mixed bag of white hat and black hat SEO strategies. The gray hat companies strike a balance between risk and reward when dealing with business. Some SEO agencies are more used to employing the clean white hat methods, using unethical tactics very rarely. Others go the opposite way, using a higher number of unethical and unclean tricks. These gray hat companies are more prone to going in the direction of black hat SEO firms.